Lake Bohinj. The water was crystal clear and extra refreshing!

We had a few rainy days forecast in Gerlitzen. I hung out at the bottom of the mountain for part of the day, waiting to see if the rain would stop and the clouds would lift enough to allow for a few flights, but by mid-afternoon it was pretty obvious the weather wasn’t going to cooperate. I’d read about Lake Bohinj as a paragliding site, and the pictures I’d found online looked pretty amazing. I was scrolling through google maps, looking for places reasonably close to drive to for some rainy day exploration, and found that Lake Bohinj was only a little over an hour from where I was. It also appeared to be sunny there, at least for the rest of the afternoon, so off I went! Here are a few photos from my 16 hours in Slovenia. 🙂

Sava Bohinjka is the creek that supplies Lake Bohinj with its crystal clear water. It was fun to watch the fish swim around.
Slap Savica (slap = waterfall in Slovenian).
Blejsko jezero. Lake Bled in the town of Bled, Slovenia, looking out at the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria (In Slovenian: Cerkev Marijinega Vnebovzetja)! Behind the church up on the hill is Bled Castle.



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