North to Alaska.

Sunset at 10pm over Kenai Lake.

As part of my preparation for my trip to Europe, I first made a trip to Alaska with Luke and Indy. Indy came along because my dad agreed to watch her for the five weeks I’d be in Italy. It also happened to coincide with the weekend of my sister’s birthday, so we spent a couple days camping at Quartz Creek Campground in Cooper Landing with the whole family. We did a bunch of hiking and ate s’mores around the campfire every night. It was pretty rainy, but most of the rain managed to fall at night, which worked out well. Here are some pictures!

From left to right: Indy, Rebel, and Raspus. The expression on Rebel’s little puppy face is priceless!
Lots of rain means lots of fungus.
Amanita muscaria. Don’t eat this guy.

Luke, my mom, and I stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center on our way back to Anchorage. I’d never been, but had always wanted to go. My favorite was this bear, who liked to scratch her back on the dead trees in her enclosure.


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