Overdevelopment in Chelan.

Gliders looking pretty small against the cumulus clouds.

Several pilots, myself included, launched early hoping that the huge clouds developing over the flats would settle down and the rain falling out to the north of Lake Chelan would dry up and leave us with a pleasant sky to fly in. Unfortunately, the overdevelopment continued, and the task was cancelled due to weather, which was a relief because I really, really didn’t like the look of the sky and was hoping to not have to make the decision to not fly the task even if others did. I did still have a beautiful flight in a cloud-filled playground for an hour before approaching rain made it clear it was time to land. Being able to play in the edges of the clouds and watch other pilots soar around on their own brightly colored gliders against the white of the clouds and blue and grey of the sky is a an amazing feeling that I can’t even begin to describe!

Looking down at the Columbia River just north of the main LZ as gliders come in to land for the cancelled task.

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