Chelan Nationals.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.10.07
Some of the Enzo 2s headed out across the flats. Wish I could claim ownership of this picture, but I can’t 🙂 Photo by: Brad Gunnuscio

Two weeks after Rat Race it was time to head to Chelan, Washington, to compete at the Chelan Nationals. This competition is known for putting up some big tasks, and rumor had it that they were out to beat the record for the longest, successful competition task, previously set by the Chelan comp back in 2014 and recently broken in Australia at the Manila Open with a 214km task in which only 2 pilots made goal. Chelan certainly delivered, and on July 15th, an amazing 64 pilots made goal in a 224km task! I even got a little mention in XC Magazine’s write up of the task, finishing heartbreakingly close to goal (2.2km short).

Overall, the competition was a success for me; I destroyed my previous best distance flights and learned so much! I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to compete… maybe Mexico in January?! I’m going to create a post for each day to make things more readable and include photos and links to tracklogs–check out these and other flights of mine at the Leonardo Flight Database.


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