No flying? Bike instead!

Beautiful! …too bad my mountain biking skills didn’t allow me to ride much of it. Indy, on the other hand, styled everything!

I had the day off and wanted to do a longer bike ride. I found a ride on Rattlesnake Mountain’s logging roads that’s only about 10 miles from Issaquah. I figured it would be pretty quiet since it was a rainy Sunday, and I was right! Until we got onto the more popular north side of the mountain where hiking trails cross the logging roads, we didn’t see anyone! It was supposed to be an 18 mile ride, but the directions weren’t awesome, and I missed a teeny, tiny, unmarked trail in the woods which would have taken us right back to the truck. Instead, we took a trail that led us down a steep hillside on a freeride-style bike trail too steep for me to ride –Indy didn’t seem to mind a bit–and into a separate drainage from where I’d parked the truck. We ended up making another small loop to connect back with our original path to take the trail I’d missed, and ended up with a 21.5 mile ride! Indy seemed unfazed despite the fact I was pretty ready for a nap and some food! Here are some pictures from the day.

Indy lounging, pre-ride. Good thing she was conserving her energy!
Part of the epic views we found at the top.
Salmon berries everywhere!
Looking back towards Snoqualmie Pass.



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