Paragliding New Mexico.

Luke flying out towards Alamogordo, New Mexico on his Alpina.

I met Jan earlier this winter in Valle de Bravo, and he’d extended an invite to fly at his local sites in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Since Luke and I hadn’t been able to line up any flying on our way north through Mexico, we thought a day of flying SOMEWHERE was in order. Jan was able to take a day off work to fly with us, and we got two beautiful flights in! It was a bit of an adventure just to get to launch; we drove up a pretty steep four wheel drive road for about two miles through beautiful dessert dotted with snow to get to launch. We got out and I walked around to the back of the truck. The tailgate was open and the bed was empty. No paragliders. BIG problem. So we all piled back in the truck and Jan drove as fast as he could down to the bottom. There, in the middle of the dirt road, were two paraliders! And then around the next corner, one more! Whew. We all gave a huge sigh of relief, loaded the gliders back in, carefully latched the tailgate, and headed back up to launch.

Luke and I on launch in New Mexico. Our first photo together. 🙂

Our first flight was almost two hours long, and offered up some punchy, desert style thermals. We all landed at the main LZ, had lunch, and drove back up for the evening glass-off flight in Christo’s truck. About half way up, Luke looked in the rear view mirror and saw my bright purple bag of books lying in the middle of the road. We stopped and looked in the back of the truck. Nearly half of the stuff was gone. Including two paragliders. Ridicluous! And amazing that we could manage to do that twice in one day! So we turned around and followed a trail of gear down the hill. Bag of books. Check. One running shoe complete with sock. Check. Two dog leashes, one Frisbee, check, and check. And two paragliders! So, for the fourth time, we drove back up the hill. Luke and I launched into beautiful, mellow conditions, and Jan drove his truck down to get his paramotor. He was able to fly back up to join us, and we flew until the sun set! Luke and I were happy to have finally been able to fly on our road trip!

Me on our evening flight on the Rush 4!
Luke headed out to the LZ at sunset.

Tomorrow morning we are headed for Utah! Luke has never been to Moab, so we are going to camp there, probably at the campground in Arches National Park.


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