Xilitla to Monterrey.

IMG_2366 (1)
Looking out over Xilitla on our walk back to the truck from the central market.

Well. Last night was interesting. I got up at 2am to pee and opened the back of the truck. Indy seemed interested in something in the street, so I held on to her collar while I swung my feet around to climb out of the truck. Apparently she saw a cat, and the next thing I knew, I was flying out of the back of the truck onto the concrete street and Indy was off like a shot down the street. Loop jumped out of the truck and ran after her, and Luke was still in the truck trying to figure out what the hell was going on! I ended up with a decently scraped arm and aching hip, but luckily didn’t land on my head.

We woke up pretty early and walked through the central square where the weekend market was setting up. We bought three delicious bread and bean gorditas and two cups of al piste (like drinkable cream of wheat, sweetened with cinnamon and sugar) for 20 pesos total, about half of what I’d been paying for similar food. Man, I’m gonna miss all the delicious street food and cheap, farm-fresh veggies and fruits here!

IMG_2337 (1)
Sugarcane, headed to where ever it is sugarcane goes. 🙂

On our drive today, we got passed by several trucks carrying what looked like loads of branches. We finally figured out that they were carrying sugarcane, freshly harvested from the fields!

We made it as far as Monterrey where we were hoping to fly tomorrow, but as of now, I haven’t heard back from any of the local pilots I’ve tried to contact, so we may just continue north in the morning. We have ended up in the most expensive hotel room I think I’ve ever stayed in (we paid almost as much for the dogs to stay as we did for ourselves)! After a super long day of driving we didn’t feel like wandering the city looking for a place to eat, so we ordered pizza and pasta from room service! Quite a change from our ‘lodging’ in the back of the truck and 20 peso breakfast this morning!


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