We left the hostel at 545am to drop Christo off at the airport, and then Luke and I headed north towards Xilitla, our first planned stop. I’d written up a little itinerary a few days earlier, just to make sure the distances and stops were feasible, and we were happy for the early start to ‘catch up’ on our drive north!

Looking back down on Highway 120.

We drove over a twisty mountain pass and down into the valley where Xilitla is. We went out to visit the Edward James Gardens in Las Pozas, the whole reason for this stop. It was 50 pesos each to see the most amazing sculpture garden I’ve even seen! Both Luke and I felt like little kids running around in a playground full of amazing pools, waterfalls, jungle plants, and endless stairs and sculptures. I’ll post some of Luke’s beautiful photography when he’s done editing, but for now mine will have to do.

Stairway to more gardens!
I love the curves, angles, and colors of this sculpture.
One of the many waterfalls.
The gardens are located in subtropical rainforest on the eastern side of the Sierra Gorda Range.
The ‘main’ set of falls at Las Pozas.

We ate a gourmet meal just off the central square in Xilitla, and decided camping on the street was the safest and easiest option. Stuffing two dogs and two adults in the back of the truck wasn’t super easy, and we actually ended up sleeping with only a sheet over us because it was pretty warm in there! Tomorrow night we will be in Monterrey, and hopefully will find a hotel where we can all stretch out.

Our gourmet meal consisted of cheese ‘fondue’ with chorizo sausage, fresh tortillas, and the restaurant’s ‘snack’ plate: Ritz crackers with cream cheese, sliced ham/deli meat, cubes of cheese, and some cooked beef of some sort. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite what we expected either. 🙂

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