Departure. Almost.

We left Valle today. We had agreed to try to leave at noon, which would hopefully get us out of Valle by 1230 so that Christo should easily make his 545 flight out of Mexico City. It also worked out that Luke was flying in around 3pm, so my plan was to pick up Luke and drop off Christo at the same time. It was a great plan until we didn’t leave Valle until 145, got pulled over by the police for speeding, and then got caught in heinous Friday afternoon Mexico City style rush hour traffic. We also missed the airport the first three times due to the amazing navigational abilities of my old and very slow iPhone, and ARRIVED at the airport at 545. BIG oops. Christo went in to see what he could do to reschedule his flight while I tried to find a place to park so that I could find Luke and wait for Christo. This was further complicated by the fact that my phone had run out of minutes, so I couldn’t text or call either of the guys. I tried one parking garage only to find that the truck was WAY taller than 2.1 meters. While the parking garage attendant directed traffic, I backed the truck down the ramp (did I mention I was driving Christo’s truck for the very first time ever?!). I won’t lie, I was almost in tears, overwhelmed from the stressful drive, it was getting dark, I didn’t want to leave the airport because I was afraid I wouldn’t find my way back without my phone navigation working since it took us three tries to get there WITH navigation, and I felt bad that Christo had missed his flight. After getting kicked out of two ‘parking’ spots by airport security, I managed to find a place to park and then was able to work on putting more minutes on my phone with my credit card. While I was working on that, there was a knock on the window. I looked up, expecting to see more airport police telling me to move for the third time, but it was Luke! I was so happy to see him! And, he had a Mexican cell phone that actually worked, so we were able to call Christo and see what the plan was. He said he’d been able to re-book his flight for the following morning for only $60, and found another connecting flight for $117. Not bad for a missed international flight! We found a hostel five minutes from the airport that arranged secure parking for us and let us have both dogs in the room. We got a two connected rooms for $60, plus a little more for the parking.

Indy checking out the eclectic decor at the hostel.

The place was… interesting, but secure. The toilet in the women’s room was missing the tank cover, and someone had made one out of a piece of cloth decorated with fake flowers. There was also free breakfast which consisted of cereal, fruit, and milk. The milk was on the stove, and the woman made a motion of just pouring the milk out from under the yellow, chunky skin on the top. I think I’ll be skipping the cereal and milk in the morning!

Milk. Yummmm.

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