What’s next?

Christo and I finally decided on an official ‘end date’ for this trip. He’s going to Colombia to fly for two more weeks on February 5, and I’m going to drive the truck back to Salt Lake City. Not by myself though–when I told Luke I was going to do the whole drive solo, it took him about 15 minutes to buy a plane ticket to Mexico City to join me for the road trip back. 🙂

IMG_7662 (1)
Savoring quiet time in the hammock.

The flying lately has been very ‘high pressure,’ punchy thermals with strong sink between, and a surprisingly low ‘cloud base.’ Based on this morning looking a whole lot like yesterday morning, we decided to take the day off and organize things for the drive back. I sat in the hammock for a bit this morning enjoying the sun and the quiet of our yard in Valle. I’m in a for a hectic week of driving ahead, and then I’ll head straight into work, two weddings, a little more work, and then a 13 week travel nursing contract at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle from March 23-June 18. After that? …already scheming ways to spend a couple months in Europe with Luke… 🙂

The sunsets have been rather spectacular lately!

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