Another fun retrieve.

Looking up at the back side of Crazy Thermal Mesa from my landing site near San Pedro.

Flying today went pretty well. I wanted to challenge myself, but not end up totally in the middle of nowhere, so I went from launch over to Peñon to Crazy Thermal Mesa, over to Maguey, a crossing that’s gotten me once before, and Maguey itself has ‘won’ and I’ve landed at its base before as well. I figured it would be a challenge to cross to Maguey, go to Cerro Gordo (also a challenging spot), and then to town. …needless to say, I put in a solid hour’s worth of effort at Maguey just to land in the San Pedro valley. As always, it was a fun and unique adventure to get myself back to Valle. It started with two young boys showing up where I was packing my glider. They were covered in some powder/dirt they were putting on the avocado and peach trees on their family’s orchard. They were pretty intrigued by my glider, how thin the lines are, and how almost transparent the cloth is. They showed me a little footpath through the prickly bushes to the front gate of the orchard. The younger boy disappeared and came back with a four wheeler.

My ride.

I climbed on the back with my glider, the older boy drove, and the younger sat on front. It was about a ten minute drive to the main road where I gave them a few pesos. I first handed the older boy 20 pesos, and he shook his head no, saying he didn’t have any change. I smiled and said it was all for him (equal to about $1.20 US), and then gave his little brother 15 pesos. I hope it made their day or let them buy a treat, because they sure made my day! I walked along the main road for about 30 minutes watching the vultures soar the afternoon heat over the road. I passed a uniquely painted house, and finally a taxi appeared behind me. It cost me a total of 105 pesos to get all the way back to Valle, including the 35 I’d given the two boys. Not bad for what would easily have been a 90 minute drive in a private car.

Colorful house with a view.

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