The Bahamas. Sort of.

Looking back at Port Canaveral as we cruise south.

I’m a bridesmaid in my friend Carly’s wedding in February, and January 22 was the bachelorette party, which was a three day cruise to the Bahamas–an affordable activity that took into account friends and bridal party members living all over the US.

I flew in from Mexico, which was an adventure in itself. I got up early, took the bus from Valle to Mexico City, then the subway from the bus station to the airport. While I was having coffee and empanadas in the airport, I somehow lost track of time and missed my flight. I was informed there were no more (available) flights, so I scrambled to find an alternative since I’d already paid in full for my cruise and Carly was really looking forward to having everyone there. I ended up finding a MUCH longer alternative for 27,000 airmiles and $66USD on Delta.

This is how you spend three hours in an airport after missing a flight due to your own shortcomings…

It sent me to Salt Lake City (yes, I spent three hours within 10 miles of my own house), had two 3+ hour flights instead of one direct flight, and entailed a two-hour delay in which we sat on the runway in Salt Lake and waited for them to ‘fix’ the plane. Then we waited a little longer for rescue personnel to check out a passenger who passed out on the plane (not sure exactly what that was about, but they let him fly). That in turn caused me to miss the shuttle I’d booked from the Orlando airport to Port Canaveral. The shuttle company sent another van for me, after chewing me out over the phone for trying to cancel, thinking maybe that would be easier for rescheduling purposes. Apparently not. I got to Port Canaveral, Florida five hours ahead of everyone else. I then attempted to walk to the ‘nearest’ coffee shop (four miles), but aborted and got a taxi when it started pouring rain. I FINALLY met up with the other girls, and we were able to board the ship. I felt pretty ‘off’ due to 24+ hours of travel and only a few hours of sleep, but after a shower and dinner, it was off to start the party with drinks and dancing!

It was good to see and spend time with Salt Lake friends, but we got ‘stuck’ on the ship due to some impressively windy weather for most of the weekend. I’ll post some more photos here, including some of the 6 whole hours we spent in super windy (and cold!) Nassau.

It looks sunny and warm 🙂 somewhere near Nirvana Beach on Nassau.
Strange but very cool abandoned house.
Sunset over the Atlantic on the last night on the ship.

Our sailing and snorkeling activity on day 1 was cancelled due to high seas/high winds, and our on-shore excursion on day 2 was cancelled due to high seas/winds (are you seeing a pattern here?), so we spent the day relaxing on the ship. I went to the gym for the first time in… years? It felt good to sweat out some of the alcohol and rich food 🙂 The last morning we had to get up early to get off the ship, and then were able to (finally!) spend a few hours on the beach in Port Canaveral before most of the girls had to head back to Utah. I dropped them off at the Orlando airport, returned the rental car, and then waited, very carefully, three hours for my flight (which I did NOT miss), back to Mexico City.


The aftermath. Finally, some sun in Port Canaveral!

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