Monarca Open.

The scene at launch on Day 2 of the Monarca Open.

So I volunteered to be a wind tech for the Monarca Open this week and ended up being a course marshal of sorts. The good news is it got me a ‘staff’ badge, free rides to launch, and a t-shirt, and one retrieve, but it got me little else except the right to start at the end of the launch window when it was extra, crazy windy. And the wind is only supposed to get worse over the next couple of days, unfortunately.

I had a sweet flight yesterday–I made it almost 3/4 of the way through the task, and did as well as most of the other women competing! It kinda made me wish I’d actually entered the comp, until I was unable to even make the start waypoint for today due to ridiculously high winds. Here’s some more pics from the competition scene at launch:

Pilots waiting in line to launch.
Ovidiu, Christo, Sam, and others programming the day’s task into their flight computers.
Just a few of the 150 pilots in the air over launch!

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