It’s been a rough couple days mood-wise for me here in paradise. For some reason I’ve been grumpy, almost angry, and incredibly frustrated with paragliding. It’s even harder to be grumpy and discontent when I know that my life, logically, contains everything I could ever want: family and friends that care about me, a warm, safe place to call home, enough food to eat, my health, a job that I like that pays me well and allows me to do things like take three months off and live in Mexico, and the Indy-dog, my faithful friend through it all.

So, I made myself take a day off from flying–I slept in, took Indy for a walk, went to the artisan’s market, walked through the mercado and shopped for fresh veggies, did yoga, and studied a little Spanish. And I talked to a couple friends about paragliding. They both gave me advice that can be summed up in one word: patience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 20.56.08.png
Morning dog walk with a view.

Paragliding isn’t something you learn overnight. It’s a discipline that builds on hours and hours of flight time, and years and years of experience. I have very little experience, in the grand scheme of things. I’m building on it quickly here in Mexico, but I’m still no match for the pilots that have been flying for 15 years, and flying in Valle for ten of those. It’s reasonable that I’m not yet flying the lines they are, and that I’m more challenged in difficult conditions.

I used my day off from flying to re-focus my attention on my ultimate goal, which is to fly long distances, have fun, and do so while being an intelligent, competent, and safe pilot. I found a couple quotes that I really like:

‘When we focus on perfection, we will be forever frustrated. When we focus on progress, we will feel invigorated.’

-Jeff Shore


‘To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.’

-T. F. Hodge

I’m doing my best to incorporate these ideas into the way I deal with my attitude towards flying (and life!), and becoming a better pilot. I’m also scheming ways in which I can continue to fly a lot and work a little. 🙂 Life balance is important! And I’m not sure if it was taking a day off to chill and re-focus, making sure that yoga/breathing is included in my day, or talking to fellow pilots who’ve been where I am now, but I’m feeling better. Just in time to spend another month here, flying daily, progressing bit by bit, and moving towards my ultimate goals!


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