Dog walking, Mexican style.

Indy dog!

I’ve been struggling to find a place to take Indy for a walk. The yard we have is big enough she can run and play, but she’s easily bored by stick chasing, and hasn’t ever liked fetch. She woke me up whining and pawing the bed, so I figured a walk outside our little compound would help. We headed up the hill, and I took a left turn I’d previously thought was a dead-end, just to see what we could see. It turns out there’s a huge system of little trails that wander all over the hillside and connect the houses and streets! There are chickens scratching in the woods, a few random dogs, and even a little waterfall (except that it smells like poo). I didn’t let Indy drink any of the water.

Random church. Note the stairs that go down–they lead to the little paths we found!
Abandoned house along the paths. There were a whole bunch of coffee trees growing in the back yard!



One thought on “Dog walking, Mexican style.

  1. I’m enjoying your blog entries and pictures so much! Giving me a better idea of where you are and what you’re up to. LOVE the “landing out’ photo. What a courageous woman you are, and what a fabulous writer. Keep em comin’


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