I can fly!

The last few days have been quite overcast in the morning, but have developed into beautiful cross-country flying days with nice, puffy clouds everywhere. I’ve done my best two flights in the last two days, as least in terms of total distance covered (not very far straight-line distance, but I’ve been able to put together local ‘tours’ of the area)! Every once in a while, I start to feel like a real pilot. Here are some photos from the last two days.

Coming in high off the mesa over Avandaro.
High over the mesa with Cerro Gordo on the right.

Today, I landed out after flying farther west than I’ve been so far. I missed a thermal or two on my way back towards town, landed in a random field near Cerro Gordo, and then watched pilots fly over me on their way back to land at the ‘real’ LZ at the lake. I did a little walking, got a four-wheeler ride and a taxi ride, and was home less than two hours from when I landed!

IMG_7327 (1)
My LZ for the day. Landing out is always an adventure!
The road up to the field I landed in. I got a four-wheeler ride at the main gate in the distance!

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