Like a virgin.

I’ve started a list about things I miss from home. At some point, I’ll post a top ten, but for now, here’s #4:

  • Fireworks are reserved for (a limited number of) special occasions.

It turns out that December 3rd marked the beginning of the festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It’s celebrated with parades, carrying of the Virgin through the streets, re-enactments/pageants of some sort (I’ve seen kids in costume headed for the parades and/or churches, I think), nativity scenes, ringing of the church bells, and LOTS of bombas (fireworks).

IMG_1912 (1)
Handmade moss/twig reindeer of all sizes are for sale everywhere!

The bomba plays a key role in the culture here—we heard them the first weekend we were here as part of the celebration of Mexico’s Revolution. As far as I can tell, a bomba is basically a quarter stick of dynamite. When lit, it shoots a charge high into the air, makes a big, sharp ‘boom,’ a bright flash of light, and puff of smoke. These go off any time of day or night, regardless of the day of the week. Sometimes a bunch go off all at once, sometimes they seem like they are super close, sometimes across town, and sometimes there’s a several hour break between ‘booms.’ Indy is scared of the explosions, and has been spending a lot of time inside lately! She’s taken to herding the whole ‘family’ (Christo, Loop, and me), into one room when the four AM artillery lets loose. It’s reaffirming my suspicion that she’s got some border collie in her because she won’t go back to sleep until we are all piled on one bed. Sometimes, we just give up and get up at five AM and start drinking coffee, but mostly we’ve all been able to fall back asleep for a bit.

Christo and Indy looking out over Valle de Bravo. Well, Christo is at least.

The good news, I guess, is that the week-long celebration ends in two days. I’m hoping for a bit more sleep and fewer bombas. This morning’s volley didn’t happen until five AM–we’ve been wondering if partying all week has even the locals worn out?!



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