It’s not always rainbows and unicorns.

Well, I’m sick for the second time since being here in Valle (in case you’re counting, and I am–we’ve only been here for 12 days). The very first night we spent here, I had food poisoning. I’m not sure what I ate that caused me to hate life for 24 hours, but Christo was totally fine, so I apparently took one (bite of food) for the team. Now I’ve got a head cold, which is mostly just making me tired and my nose run like a faucet. Not so bad when flying—snot rockets a couple thousand feet off the ground are awesome—but a huge pain during 40-minute taxi rides with a limited stock of toilet paper (haven’t seen a Kleenex here yet).

Regardless, I flew today anyway! As Jens, one of the German pilots that just arrived, said, ‘We’re not here for holiday, we’re here to fly!’ 😉

Christo and I got two flights each; my second ended in a very overgrown field full of sticky little seed pods that covered my shoes and pants. As a consolation prize, I did find this graffiti/art, which almost made up for spending my entire evening picking the seeds off my clothes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 15.51.05
Big Bird, Mexican style!




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