The turkeys are safe here!

It’s Thanksgiving day in the US, but here in Valle de Bravo, it’s ‘just’ another beautiful day to fly! One of the local pilots told me that the turkeys I’ve seen wandering the landing area are safe, ‘but only until Christmas!’

This young fellow was practicing his gobble just in time for Thanksgiving.

We’ve been in our little casita for six days now. Christo and I and the dogs are settling into a routine–coffee for the humans, breakfast for all, a bit of frisbee for the dogs before Christo and I head out to fly. The ride to launch takes about 30 minutes, and we’ve mostly been riding up with the crew from Gofly. Included in our rides have been impromptu lessons in Spanish slang/swearing, which produces lots of laughter from both the Spanish and English speakers when Christo and I attempt to use the words correctly in context! Lunch is usually at the main LZ (the Piano), where there’s a couple local women selling simple food–hot tacos, fruit, water, fresh veggies, and cold beer. My new favorite snack is jicama slices with freshly squeezed lime juice, salt, and a mixture of chili powder sprinkled over the top. It’s delicious, and only costs me 15 pesos (the seasoning is called Tajin, or ‘salsa en polvo’ in Spanish)!

Happy Thanksgiving to me!

Cloud base has been quite low, only about 8,600-9,100ft depending on the day. Today wasn’t any different, but the lift was good. I flew around the area within sight of launch for quite a while and then decided that if I got back up to cloud base I’d try to make a move towards Valle. I finally got back up to base, and took off over the back. It was a bit of a struggle, and I went the ‘long way’ so I could stay within easy reach of landing areas and the main road. I wasn’t sure I was going to make the lake LZ right in Valle until I was quite close, but I made it! My first lake flight of the trip, and a low cloud base flight at that!



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