Let’s just eat the ants.

There are little ants—even smaller than sugar ants—everywhere! Well, not everywhere, but the tiniest bit, drop, or splatter of food attracts them. They’re in the honey, on the bottle of olive oil, and on the counter surrounding little drops of invisible food. Christo added several (ants) to his coffee yesterday morning not realizing that the inside of the honey lid was teeming with the little guys. We’ve quickly learned to put food in air-tight containers or in the fridge to keep it ant-free. And other than that, we’re just eating the ones that come with the honey.


…turns out air-tight containers do not include Ziploc ‘tupperware’ containers holding sticks of butter…

And in other news, Christo and I had a couple of good flights today, got back to town early, and walked through the open air market to get some supplies for our mini Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. A kilo of potatoes for 10 pesos (.60US) and some green beans will go perfectly with a roast chicken! The turkeys are all safe here…

It started raining while we were at the market. Walking around here in flip-flops in wet weather is yet another experience as you flip the black, dirty (poo, dust, dirt, oil) street water up onto your legs. Awesome!


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