Even grocery shopping is an adventure.

We caught a  ride out to launch with the Gofly crew this morning. I had a good, if somewhat short flight over to Peñon, then to the wall, then over towards El Diente where I flew into the lee and sank like a rock (oops). I landed in a lovely cow pasture sans cows, packed up, and climbed the fence to the road. I caught a taxi quickly, and then saw another pilot on the side of the road. It turned out he’s a local pilot, and he carried my glider (chivalry is not dead in Mexico!) down a concrete road to a dirt road/path, and then through a gate at the far end of the cornfield at the Piano! I now know the shortcut to the main road (useful for catching a taxi from the LZ if I don’t want to wait for one of the tour vans to head back to town)!

I asked around and found that there was a big grocery store about a mile north of El Centro. Christo and I decided to drive since we needed to pick up some larger items a bigger pot (for boiling water/making soup/cooking anything that doesn’t fit in a small camping pot), a couple of buckets to serve as trash cans, toilet paper, another set of silverware, dish soap, dish towels, spatula, etc. We haven’t moved the truck since we moved in, and we both figured driving wouldn’t be too difficult. We got about two minutes down the road before realizing driving wasn’t a great idea, but we were committed (and on a one-lane, one-way street), so we kept going. Getting to the store was pretty easy (yay for cell phones with maps!), and parking at the store—the Súper Che—was easy, probably because no one else is dumb enough to drive their car to the store. They had some impressive liquor displays up for the holidays, and a good selection of food, including a lot of the stuff you find in a regular ‘American’ grocery store (soy milk, chia seeds, canned beans, imported cheeses, etc.).

Take a taxi to the store. Or a dune buggy. Plenty of parking, either way.
That’s right, PYRAMIDS of booze. You can get a bottle of Bacardi for 149 pesos ($8.70 US).

Driving home was a different game–we ended up in the hills above Valle on two-way streets (as in, one car backs up or pulls over while the other goes around). Christo also waved at a cop, who then did a six-point turn in his giant truck to turn around and follow us. We then drove as fast as possible on the cobblestone streets (maybe 10mph?), down a one-way street the wrong way (the taxis do it all the time), and up to the house. We turned into the driveway and closed the gate behind us just as the cops came around the corner below. Slow-mo car chase in Mexico? Sure, why not?! …next time we’re taking a cab to the store.


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