Mazatlàn to Jocotepec.

Today we woke up in Mazatlàn. We made some coffee, took the dogs for a walk on the beach, and climbed back in the truck to head south. First, though, we took the ‘long way’ through Mazatlàn just to see what we could see. First, a statue of Pedro Infante at the waterfront (a Mexican actor and singer, popular in the 1940’s)…

If a picture is worth one thousand words, then I think this one says it all…

…and a look back at a colorful part of Mazatlàn.

IMG_7107 (1)
Mazatlàn waterfront.

Then, some more driving, including the outskirts of Guadalajara during rush hour (terrifying), and ending here at the Roca Azul RV Park in Jocotepec. There aren’t many people here right now, but those that are live in relatively permanent, large RVs (the groundskeeper said that one resident has been here for ten years). The Park is located on the southwest end of Lake Chapala which happens to be Mexico’s largest freshwater lake. The communities around the lake are popular with retirees from the US and Canada.

We will sleep here tonight, and plan to be in Valle de Bravo tomorrow night!

Roca Azul’s lighthouse. You can see the Sierra de San Juan Cosala mountains in the distance.



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