30 pesos for a whole lotta eggs in Navajoa.

This weekend is the 205th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, a conflict that aimed to restore balance between the rich and the poor. We had to detour on our way out of Navajoa this morning for a parade, and all the banks are closed. It seems to be pretty similar to our Fourth of July, except that it was Mexico vs. Mexico, not another country.

Roughly six hours down Highway 15 (or the ‘cuota,’ meaning toll road), is Mazatlàn. It’s a beach resort town, and hotels aren’t cheap, but I’d found one online that said it would accept pets. Christo and I thought that would be our best bet since we hadn’t had any luck finding free camping spots. At the last second, we decided to take the scenic route in to Mazatlàn, and happened to pass the Villas del Mar RV park on the northern edge of town (Note: The RV Park isn’t online, but you can find the Villas with a Google maps search. Additionally, there’s a sweet little outdoor cafe just down the street in the parking lot of the Servicio Scorpio, open every day but Tuesday). We drove into the park just as the sun was setting, and found a handful of RVs and a couple guys playing pool in an ‘office’ on the beach (one of the guys happened to be the leading gastroenterologist in Mexico; it’s his brother that owns the RV park). They said we could camp in any site, dogs were fine, and 300 pesos would cover us for the night ($18 US)!

Goodnight, Mazatlàn.




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