Valle de Bravo or bust.

Once more on my adventure brave and new.

–Robert Browning

Christo and I finally left Salt Lake City. It took an extra day for me to get all the stuff done around the house that I needed to do before I left  (like waiting for the gutters to thaw so that I could clean them out, haha). It was nice to take an extra day too; it made for a relaxed packing of the truck and allowed for a decent night’s sleep instead of leaving totally exhausted like I usually do! I don’t think I forgot anything. I’ve got my passport, my wallet, two paragliders, and the Indy dog. Anything else I need I can buy if it’s something I can’t live without. Loop (Christo’s dog), and Indy played in the snow for a bit before we headed south!

IMG_1458 (1)
Indy rolling in the snow in Utah.

Our plan was to drive only in daylight, so we started looking for a place to camp near the Glen Canyon Dam and Page, Arizona.

Sunset over Wahweap, Arizona.

We finally found a dirt road that didn’t really seem to go anywhere, complete with a cattle guard and dried cow pies. We figured we’d be fine sleeping there for the night. We were working on heating up a couple cans of chili when a car stopped in the dirt road behind the truck. It sat there for a minute with all the windows up, then the driver’s side window opened and the guy said ‘You guys know some folks around here?’ We said we didn’t, that we were just passing through, and would be gone first thing in the morning. The man in the car introduced himself, said that he lived just up the road, and politely but firmly informed us that we were on Reservation land. He said we’d probably be fine there for the night and gave us his name to use if anyone bothered us. The second his car rounded the next corner, Christo and I threw everything back in the truck, loaded up the dogs, and headed further south! We didn’t think spending a Friday night (illegally) on Reservation land was a great idea, especially since the locals were apparently already out drinking and cruising the back roads!

Instead, we slept just outside Flagstaff, where I was cold even in my 20 degree down bag with my thermals and puffy jacket on!




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