Who am I?

My name is Lindsay. I’ve been an ICU nurse for five years now, and have been working as a traveling nurse and/or working part-time in Salt Lake City, Utah (my home base), for the last two years. Outside of work, I paraglide, speedfly, ski, mountain bike, run, garden, take photos, attempt to tire out the ol’ Indy-dog, am working on establishing a regular yoga practice, and Instagram-ing the sh#t out of the finer moments in life. Find my Instagram pics @remember2fly

A big part of my decision to become a traveling nurse and work when and where I want to was to make the same amount of money working fewer hours leaving more time for travel! I’ve finally decided to start a blog to keep family and friends updated on my travels, and hope that it will inspire others to live the life they’ve perhaps only imagined in the past!

IMG_1638 (1)
Meet Indy (she doesn’t always look quite this insane)!

My dog Indy, a weimaraner/border collie mix, is my faithful, cat-chasing, long-tongued, face-licking sidekick. She goes just about everywhere I go, and has been to Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, California, Wyoming, Oregon, Alaska, Canada, and most recently, Mexico!



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